Have you noticed that visible gray or white hair on your scalp? Sometimes, you are itching to pluck and get rid of them. It is especially bothersome if you are only in your early or mid-20’s. The question is: what causes hair to go gray?

An international dermatologist explains that the hair becomes gray when the color-producing cells cease producing pigment. Moreover, the presence of natural hydrogen peroxide brings out the silver color of the strands. Based on the research conducted in 2009 by Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology, the natural hydrogen peroxide is produced in our hair follicles. When people get older, it builds up, blocking the production of melanin – a pigment responsible for providing color to our precious locks.

In addition to the normal occurrence happening to our hair, dermatologists and other hair experts also reveal that the following external and lifestyle factors can also contribute to graying hair.

  1. Your nationality or race – Your ethnicity has something to do with your graying hair. For most Asians, they start to have gray hair in their late 30’s. Caucasians have it earlier, in their mid-30’s. For African-Americans, they begin to have salt and pepper tresses in their mid-40’s.
  1. It runs in the family – Having gray hair is hereditary. The possibility of you having gray hair at an early age is high when your parents had it earlier in life.
  1. Age matters – Graying hair is a noticeable evidence of aging. At 50, significant amounts of gray hair become obvious. Dermatologists have coined it the “50-50-50 rule”, wherein fifty percent of the population has 50% gray hair at the age of 50. Experts have confirmed, too, that as people age, the hair texture changes. Gray hair is finer than the colored one; however, it seems dry. The reason: the scalp produces less oil.
  1. You are Vitamin B12 Deficient – According to research, vitamin B12 deficiency can cause premature graying. Low vitamin B12 levels can be a reason for the loss of hair pigment. Once your graying hair is linked to lack of vitamin B12, experts say that it is most likely due to pernicious anemia. This is a condition when the intestines cannot absorb sufficient vitamin B12, causing a decrease in red blood cells. Thus, it is beneficial to engage in a healthy lifestyle. Start with eating food rich in vitamin B12, protein, amino acids, and antioxidants to prevent you from other hair-related concerns.
  1. Your medical conditions can trigger gray hair – In rare cases, those people with thyroid conditions are prone to premature graying. In the same manner, those who have autoimmune diseases such as alopecia and vitiligo are likely to have gray hair. Autoimmune disease attacks the skin and the scalp, causing it to gray.
  2. Smoking makes it gray – There is truth to this statement: Cigarette smoking is dangerous to your health. Other than lung and throat cancer, smoking can also strain the condition of your strands. Research has shown an association between smoking and onset of having gray hair before 30, as it affects the hair follicles, resulting in premature graying of mane.

Having identified the factors that cause our hair to gray, we have an exclusive product that can help you to break away from it. Introducing Novelina Zeelke Herbal Hair Color Powder, a do-it-yourself herbal hair color, is a Japanese formulation that does not contain ammonia and hydrogen peroxide. Available in both bottle and sachet formats, Novelina Zeelke Herbal Hair Color Powder has the following herbal properties for keeping your hair color vibrant and healthy:

  • Fleece Flower (Fo-Ti) extract helps stop premature graying and restore hair’s natural color;
  • Malunggay extract enables the hair follicles to induce hair growth stronger and healthier;
  • Aloe Vera extract is an agent that conditions the hair; and,
  • Panax Ginseng Root is a hair growth stimulant that helps in the prevention of hair loss.

Novelina Zeelke Herbal Hair Color Powder has three colors to choose from – Black, Brown, and Chestnut. The product is reasonably priced at P65.00 for a 6-gram bottle packaging. Meanwhile, the sachet of six is priced at P119.00.

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