Attaining a straight and shiny hair is now possible with the use of hair iron. This heat styling tool allows women to style their locks the way they wanted it. It helps them save time, money and energy as it lessens your trips to the salon.

Heat styling tool comes in distinct types.  Titanium is a kind of hair straightener available today. So, what makes Titanium a reliable hair straightener?

Titanium is a strong, lightweight, lustrous, yet low-density metal with high-temperature balance. It transfers heat quickly and evenly on the surface, allowing your thick hair to be straightened easily.

Titanium can withstand different hair types. This type of plate is best recommended for normal, thick or coarse and unmanageable hair. Great for women who are on the go or had a tough time managing their tresses.

Other straighteners take longer and use more energy to straighten out their locks. With Titanium’s higher ionic charge makes hair straight and sleek in lesser time. Titanium combats humidity better because it produces negative ions and cancels out positive ions on your strands, closing your hair’s cuticles; thus, preventing hair frizz. This makes your hair shinier and stays longer than usual.

All these benefits of Titanium Hair Iron can be found in Novelina Professional Titanium Hair Iron. This professional-grade hair straightening iron has a mirror-smooth titanium plate and ion field technology, helping achieve stylish straight and smooth hair. It uses the highest quality of Nano-Titanium plate that eliminates static and frizz.

Novelina Professional Titanium Hair Iron has an exclusive infrared heat technology that seals in moisture, giving your hair extra shine and luster. This technology prevents the hair from damage as the heat straightens the hair easily with fewer passes of the iron; hence, saving time and energy. It can fully adjust its temperature up to 230°C.

This heavy-duty hair straightener gets the job done with the help of 360° swivel cord. Its high-strength, ultra-lightweight body comes handy to carry it anytime, anywhere.  Now, achieve a professionally-done, chic hair without going to the salon with Novelina Professional Titanium Hair Iron.

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