Colored hair remains a trend in hair styling. When you choose the perfect hair color that suits well with you, it amplifies your appearance, making you look younger and more radiant. However, maintaining a colored hair is not an easy feat. You must take extra care if you want to preserve your colored strands.

Here are some do’s and don’ts when it comes to preserving your colored-treated hair.


  1. Prepare in advance.

Before you subject your hair to color, ensure that your tresses and scalp are well-nourished and hydrated. Put coconut oil or hair mask at least two months before you go for a hair dye. This will not only help keep the colors vibrant but also minimize further damage to your hair.

  1. Choose the right dye for your hair.

It is equally important to select a right product to color your hair. It is also a must that you should consider that it complements well with your skin tone to enhance your appearance.

  1. Follow instructions carefully.

Once you have picked the colorant of your choice, always follow the step-by-step procedure indicated on the product to achieve the desired hair color and quality.

  1. Go for a regular

One of the preparations, when having hair color treatment, is to check that your hair is not damaged. Our crowning glory is susceptible to damage after coloring; thus, it is essential to have regular trim. Regular trimmings help in averting splits and breakage in the long run.

  1. Use leave-on conditioner.

Colored hair needs extra moisture. Keep your colored hair vibrant and manageable by using leave on-conditioner. Likewise, going for deep conditioning enables your hair to get the necessary moisture and nourishment to preserve your hair color.


  1. Don’t expose your hair under extreme sun’s heat.

Always wear a protective hat or use an umbrella when going out. The sun’s rays are not only damaging to the skin but also to the strands. Exposing your hair under the detrimental sun’s heat can leave your colored tresses, dull and lifeless. Spray hair oil mist that contains UVA and UVB filters to protect your hair.

  1. Avoid swimming without any preparation.

Chlorine in swimming pools can ruin the color of your strands and weaken it. It damages the outer layer of your hair.  So, before heading for a dip, do some extra care for your colored hair. Put leave-on conditioner or use coconut oil to protect your hair from the damage of chlorine or salt water. Wear a swim cap to prevent hair from soaking to a chlorinated pool.

  1. No to hot water bath.

Going for hot water bath can fade your hair dye faster. Thus, use lukewarm water to wash your hair to prevent color from fading.

Novelina understands the vital needs of your colored hair. To preserve hair color’s vibrancy and health, Novelina brings you its own Hair & Scalp Treatment. Novelina Hair & Scalp Treatment is a do-it-yourself, Japanese formulated solution to restore hair’s lost moisture due to frequent exposure to chemical treatment or excessive hair styling. It contains a hydrating blend of emollients that increases moisture retention in hair. It also gives a refreshing, clean scent.

Novelina Hair & Scalp Treatment rejuvenates dry, brittle or damaged hair. It replaces moisture, natural oil, and protein lost whenever the hair underwent chemical treatments. It strengthens over-processed hair as well as protects hair before and after undergoing hair services such as rebonding or hair coloring. It relieves tight and irritated scalp.

Novelina Hair & Scalp Treatment is available in two convenient sizes: 200 ml and 500 grams packaging. Both are reasonably priced at P200.00 and P455.00, respectively.

Taking care of your scalp and strands have made easy and affordable with Novelina. Available in selected beauty stores near you. For inquiries, please follow Novelina’s Facebook page.

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