SRP: Php 103.50

Novelina Colorlock Herbal Powder Shampoo Hair Color

A fast do-it-yourself herbal shampoo hair color in powder form for absolute gray hair coverage in minutes. It contains no ammonia and no hydrogen peroxide. Enhanced with herbal extracts like Fleece Flower (Fo-ti)-believed to stop premature graying and helps restore hair back to its natural color; Malunggay Extract which enables hair follicles to grow stronger and healthier, Aloe Vera, a hair conditioning agent; PANAX Ginseng Root– hair growth stimulant and helps prevent hair loss.

  • Japanese formulation
  • No ammonia
  • No Hydrogen Peroxide
Package inclusion:
2pcs 5gm Powder Sachet
1 Applicator Bottle
1 Gloves

  • Provides 100% gray hair coverage without drying hair
  • Gentle on hair and scalp
  • Does not stain either skin or scalp
  • Does not irritate scalp
  • Natural looking hair color


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