Sun exposure is one of the main cause of skin damage. While it may not be possible to totally reverse the damage caused by the exposure to the sun, there are certain ways or steps that you can add into your skincare routine in order to correct some of the damages from over-exposure to the harmful rays of the sun.

Once you try to implement these steps in order to protect and repair your skin, the restoration from a damaged skin to that healthy golden glow can be achieved without a compromise to your skin’s wellness and appearance.

Do we need to know the signs and danger of sun exposure?

Before we talk about the signs and dangers, we first need to know what really happens when you have a sunburn?

Whenever the sun’s light reaches the earth, part of that lights consists of invisible UV rays. And when these UV rays reach your skin,  they usually cause burning, tanning and other sun-related skin damages. There are two types of UV rays identified to act on your skin, these are UVA rays and UVB rays.

UVA rays are the one responsible to cause skin ageing and wrinkling and is the major contributor to skin cancer like melanoma these ways usually passes easily through the ozone layer so most of our exposure to the sun is also an exposure to UVA rays.

UVB rays are the ones responsible for dangerous sunburns, cataracts and skin cancer. Melanoma is usually associated with severe UVB sunburn to persons before the age of 20.

You can start repairing your skin now

The good news is that sun damage tends to accumulate over time, so it is never too late to create and establish a correction regimen to protect your skin.

By regularly using a good quality sunscreen,  preferably with an SPF 30 or higher, your skin may be able to rejuvenate its youthful look and supple appearance.

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